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Contractors World Magazines are published by VVV Limited.

The publisher and editor is Roger Lindley who has been writing for the industry, worldwide since 1981, when he edited Construction Industry International, which was to become the leading international title. As editor, he gained recognition around the world for in depth site reporting and photography, unbiased reviews on equipment, companies and markets.

After a serious illness, Roger Lindley became an international PR Consultant working for clients such as Caterpillar, Volvo, CASE, New Holland, Kobelco Cranes, Grindex, Haulotte, Doka, Hunnebeck and many others, as well as becoming a correspondent for magazines around the world.

Roger Lindley's background in industrial marketing and communications combined with industry knowledge gained over many years and an understanding of journalism made for a good combination.

However, the economic crisis and deep recession which impacted on the industry at the beginning of 2009 created a dilemma for all in the industry.

Economic realities meant that promotional budgets have been severely cut and as a result, advertising in the industry trade publications is significantly down. This has made it impossible for some long-established publications. Some have ceased publication, others have changed publishing frequency and all magazines have reduced the number of pages of editorial.

For companies, magazines closing or reducing editorial, together with very limited budgets has created a situation where there is not the opportunity for the in-depth reporting that has historically been there.

Something had to be done to help the industry recover from the recession. Roger Lindley believes that, although there will always be a place for the traditional printed magazine, economic reality and advances in technology now make digital publishing more acceptable. This is the digital age.

  • Much lower production costs benefit readers and companies.
  • Advertisers benefit from advertising rates as much at much lower costs.
  • Readers benefit from more in-depth site reports and articles with interactivity to increase the reader involvement.

All these provided in an uncluttered format and in which the reader decides what he/she want to view.

Contractors World digital publicationContractors World
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Contractors World magazines offer what are probably the lowest advertising rates of any international or UK & Ireland magazine for the construction industry.


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Colleen Lindley

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Roger Lindley

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North & South America

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VVV Limited launched CMLDIR.COM Buyers Guides in 1999 and, today, it is used by thousands of people around the world as a quick and easy way of finding suppliers of plant, equipment and materials. The buyers guide contains listing of over 16,000 companies.

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