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  1. Contractors World - International and Contractors World - UK & Ireland Edition are published by VVV Ltd (the publishers), a limited company registered in the United Kingdom. VVV Ltd also publishes CMLDIR.COM online buyers guides.
  2. The content of all magazines published by VVV Ltd are subject to copyright restrictions and no content may be copied, or used for any purposes other than personal use. By subscription, PDF copies of magazines may be downloaded in there entirety. Any decoding, disassembly, division or sharing of any such files is not permitted.
      • Subscription & Refund Policy
        • Subscriptions are only available on a 12-month contract.
        • A 100% refund is offered prior to downloading any subscription copies.
        • The publishers guarantee a minimum of 6 magazines per calendar year.  A 50% refund will be offered in the event of the publishers failing to publish at least 6 issues in a calendar year.
        • The publishers, at their discretion, may vary the annual subscription rate.  Any variation will not be offered retrospectively. 
        • The publishers will consider special discounts for companies wanting to subscribe to 10 or more copies. Requests should be made to the publisher by email to
        • By subscribing to Contractors World magazines, the subscriber agrees not to distribute the downloaded copies or make available in any form to other people.
        • All downloads are monitored and, at their discretion, the publishers reserve the right to cancel any subscription where there is  evidence of abuse.  In the event of such action being taken, the subscriber will not be entitled to any refund.
        • Legal action will be taken against anyone distributing or making available, free or with a charge, any copies of Contractors World magazines unless authorized, in writing, to do so.
  3. Advertisers and companies mentioned within VVV magazines are not endorsed in any way by VVV Ltd and no inference can be taken from the inclusion or exclusion of information or any specific company or brand name.
  4. While editors take care to ensure the accuracy of editorial content, VVV accepts no responsibility for incorrect information or consequential losses resulting from such information. In the interest of accuracy, the publishers will consider a correction of any incorrect or misleading statement.
  5. Editorials and images may describe or illustrate construction techniques or equipment usage in accordance with regulations in the country from which the report is made. The technique or method of working illustrated may not meet regulatory requirements in some countries or be considered an endorsement by the publishers. Anyone considering using the technique or working method illustrated should first ensure that it meets legal and other requirements in the country where it is to be deployed.
  6. All editorial is at the discretion of the editor(s) and is given without cost or any form of reimbursement. editorial cannot be bought or made a condition of any advertising or other agreement.
  7. Any equipment descriptions, specifications or other information given are for guidance only and are subject to change by the manufacturer and will vary according to configuration and according to different country regulatory requirements. Products and services features are not necessarily available in all parts of the world.
  8. The publishers will not accept advertising place on number of visitors or 'click-throughs' and will not reveal specific page count details. At their discretion, the publishers will provide cumulative statistics for page views for both editorial and advertising.
  9. The publishers do not support claims made in advertisements or editorials submitted by contributors. However, the publishers will remove any content upon receipt of written request provided a clear and unambiguous reason is given. All requests received will be acknowledged. If an acknowledgement is not received within 48 hours, the original request should be resubmitted.
  10. The publishers use the Internet to distribute magazines electronically. As they have no control over the availability of the service at any specific time, or in an specific part of the world, they do not guarantee access to the magazines or other parts of the publishers web sites. All advertisers and contributors accept that the publishers cannot guarantee publication resulting from circumstances outside their immediate control. Under such circumstances advertisers accept that there can be not recompense.
  11. Advertising placed on a regional basis will be selected for reading by the visitor's IP Address. Although this address is very reliable, there can be instance were networks allow or block the page from being viewed.
  12. Visitor analysis is subject to data being logged accurately by the publishers' internet service providers (ISP) and the availability or accuracy of such data cannot be guarantee in the event of failure in the ISP systems. Access to such data is restricted an not available outside the company.
  13. Data published by Contractors World magazines or VVV Ltd are based on an analysis of stats recorded by AWSTATS on our service providers computers and, as such, any published data is subject to the accuracy of this software provided by the service provider.
  14. The publishers do not use cookies to record visitor activities. Advertisers may do so provided it complies with legislation.
  15. Advertising and other paid-for content is subject to the laws of the United Kingdom and any disputes will be according to UK Law.
  16. Invoices for advertising and other paid-for content will be issued on the day of publication for payment within 28 days. Payment is restricted to the currency on the invoice and is payable without any bank charges being deducted.
  17. At the time of placing an order for advertising, rates in other currencies will be converted the prevailing rate as given by which to be invoiced. The publishers reserve the right to charge interest at the rate of 2.5% above Bank of England base interest rate per month or part thereof on any charges outstanding.
  18. Prior to publication, the publishers guarantee advertising rates in the chosen currency provided that the currency fluctuation against the UK£ is less than 20%. In the event of any change of 20% or more the publishers reserve the right to amend the costs accordingly. The advertisers also have the same right when such fluctuations are in their favour. On any such change to advertising rates resulting from a 20% or more change in the exchange rate, the advertisers and/or the publishers have the right to cancel, without penalty, unpublished advertisements. Once invoiced the amount becomes payable at the invoiced rate, regardless of any fluctuation in the exchange rates.
  19. Advertising rates and other charges published or quoted by a publishers' representative are always given at NET cost and inclusive of all commissions but are all subject to VAT or other tax and charges as the publishers may be required to make under UK law, European Union regulation or regulations in the country to which the invoice is sent.
  20. Rates for orders placed through advertising agencies.  Accredited advertising agencies may deduct a 10% commission subject to invoices being paid within 30 days of receipt of invoice. No commission is deductible for invoices not paid within 30 days unless otherwise agreed by the Advertising Director.
  21. Advertising orders placed through third party agents are only accepted subject to the client companies accepting liability against non-payment by the third party for whatever reason.
  22. Advertisers accept full liability for any costs resulting from legal action taken against the publishers as a result of statements made within advertisements or associated items including videos, brochures, original press statements and other material and to pay the publishers for any cost incurred as a result of such action.
  23. The publishers reserve the rights to refuse or cancel any advertising at any time at their discretion and without notice.
  24. Links to other parts of VVV web sites and/or other web sites cannot be guaranteed. Such links, where they exist, will remain for a minimum period of 3 months or at the publishers discretion.
  25. The publishers will not provide links to digital brochures, videos or other downloadable material from sites not under the control of VVV unless otherwise agreed prior to publication. Advertisers undertake to inform the publishers when such links are no longer active or no longer required. The publishers reserve the right to charge advertisers not more than UK£150 for correcting links which are broken during the first 3-month period. This cost is for removing links and/or creating an error correction page.
  26. The publishers will charge the full order value for any advertisement or other paid-for content that cannot be published due to the failure of the advertiser to provide suitable material in time for publication or where advertising bookings are not cancelled within 2-months of the 1st of the month of publication.
  27. These terms and conditions may be varied by the publishers and no deviation is permitted without the written consent of the publishers.
  28. Companies, organizations, others placing orders for advertising or other paid-for content, the advertiser's agent or third party placing advertising on behalf of the advertiser agree to and accept these terms and conditions without any other pre-conditions, unless agreed in writing. Advertisers accept that the publishers' terms and conditions take precedent over any other terms and conditions stated or implied.
  29. Contractors World magazines and VVV Ltd retain copyright to any digital creative work produced specifically for Contractors World magazines and may not be used for any other purpose without the advertising agreeing to and paying appropriate license fees for specific uses and for specific periods of time to Contractors World Magazines, VVV Ltd and appropriate royalty rights for images, sound and voice over artists.
  30. Contractors World - International, Contractors World - UK & Ireland and other titles as may be published are independent publications published by VVV Ltd under contract with the editor. Disputes over editorial and advertising have to be resolved with the Publisher who assumes ultimate responsibility for publishing and distribution.

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